Project management, deal screening, reserves forecasting, asset valuations

Level up your mergers, acquisitions & divestitures workflow in upstream oil & gas.

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The internet is newer than some oil & gas software...

We are bringing reservoir engineering into the 21st century

Traditional oil & gas software is stuck in the 90s. The broad workflow involves multiple pieces of software and several specialized individuals to operate them. That process isn't capital efficient, and it isn't optimized for the needs of modern mergers, acquisitions & divestitures (MA&D).

ReservoirWave brings craftsmanship back to oil & gas software. We are leveraging all of the technological innovations that mankind has made in the last three long decades to give you something enjoyable to use. We are blending that with deep industry knowledge ...and math. There's a lot of math.

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All of our features are designed in house, from scratch, with craftsmanship and attention to detail. This very intentional design process means that our application looks and feels like no other, and gives us advantages that other products don't have.

Spatial Search & Mapping

We can't stand slow, pixelated raster maps. Our maps are completely vector. Fast, beautiful, and easy to use.

Custom Shapes

Upload your KMLs or Shapefiles, or draw them in our app. Use your shapes for spatial searches or areas of interest.

Areas of Interest

Get email reports for well lifecycle events in your areas of interest, with customizable frequency and proximity.

Forecasting & Type Curve

Take your filtered sets of wells and view individual or aggregate history, forecasts, and type curves.

Mobile App

Install our web app on your device and access our full desktop featureset, plus more, on-the-go. No compromises.


Share your projects with your team. They can view, comment, be assigned tasks, and edit. With customized roles and permissions.

Upcoming Features

We deliver features regularly, to all of our customers. No upcharges or add-on modules.

Financial Modeling

Data Import & Export

Well Planning & Scheduling

Scenario Sensitivity Analysis

ReservoirWave is in Private Beta

If you're interested in using ReservoirWave, give us your email and we'll let you know when we're ready for more participants. We may also contact you in the interim to confirm fit.

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